Snap Circuits

Children and adults alike are introduced to the basics of electricity and electronics with these kits.  Students and homeschoolers can construct hundreds of projects from simple light circuits to radios and burglar alarms.


The kit contains over 75 modular snap-together parts allowing students to build more than 500 electrical experiments.  The full-color project book allows students and homeschoolers to construct projects related to transformers, relays, transistors and diodes.  Also learn about series and parallel circuits, AM/FM radios, resistance and capacitance.



Snap Circuits SC-500

 Manufacturer: Elenco®

Contains over 75 parts including voice recording IC; FM radio module; analog meter; transformer; relay; and 7-segment LED display. Build over 500 projects. Hours of educational fun; a great gift too!



Elenco Snap Circuits SC-500
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